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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement8 October 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

I chose VET because it was the most appropriate route for me


I chose VET because it was the most appropriate route for me - I had the chance to study and work at the same time, making greater use of the years I spent training.

I graduated from the MENDI project in 2017. I found it accidentally through an advertisement on the internet, and when I started looking for more information, I knew it was for me. My journey began as any journey does - at first, I was both curious and anxious, but thanks to the teachers and trainers, deep down I knew that on this journey, wonderful discoveries and opportunities were waiting with every step. And they were!

I participated in the Erasmus+ Mobility program, which gave me an incredibly rich experience. The time I spent taking part in VET cannot be described with a single word. It was amazing - something unforgettable. When I think back on all the funny and hard times I had, I feel like crying. I miss those moments and feel incredibly lucky to have had them. After all, if it weren’t for VET, I wouldn't be working as a Restaurant Steward for TUI ‘Mein Schiff’!

Marianna Nikolakopoulou, Restaurant Steward for TUI ‘Mein Schiff’


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