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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement19 December 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

I know I can do more, because I have seen what can be done.


Looking back, I can say with certainty that I was, indeed, fortunate to have studied at the 4th Technical College in Chalandri, the vocational school that inspired me and has, in turn, brought me to where I am today - a VET Ambassador for Greece.

I discovered my own hidden talents and abilities during my VET training as an assistant in a Medical and Biological Laboratory. I achieved honours and distinction grades, which paved my way in life.

Studies have shown that the key to success is 99% based on sheer effort and creative thinking acquired in technical training, and 1% on inspiration. I began to look at what else could be done in health and wellbeing. Engendered with ambition and confidence, I wanted to help society by promoting a better quality of life through my profession as a nurse specialising in paediatric care and haematology (blood donation), as well as through working as a teacher in adult education with 10 years of experience.

Volunteering during the economic crisis in Greece was paramount. As a Nurse, I ‘spread my wings’ like my character Droplette in my educationally approved book, ‘Tied together with a fine red thread: Droplette and Pygasus’, which promotes blood donation and educates children and teenagers to value life by giving blood.

I became a Radio Producer for ‘Communication’, the municipal radio network of Iraklio 94FM, broadcasting the weekly program, ‘It’s in your hands. Save a life.’ This is a program detailing current activities involving volunteer work, as well as information on celebrities, cultural events and social issues.

Vocational guidance in education will be the guiding light for future generations in Greece, and in the EU. Gaining Vocational Skills is a lifelong journey, which can be achieved through our educational institutions. These institutions provide the key to a treasure trove of experiences that young people can get working in their field.

To sum up, becoming a fully qualified paediatric nurse and trainer has opened up my horizons and motivated me to reach the pinnacle of my profession. Becoming a VET Ambassador, I could not foresee any opportunities to do more - now, I know I can do more, because I have seen what can be done.

Olga Papakyriakou, Pediatric Nurse, Greece


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