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European Vocational Skills Week
Zpráva23. února 2022Generální ředitelství pro zaměstnanost, sociální věci a sociální začleňování

National Contact Points Campaign kicks off with inaugural 2022 Week Webinar

NCPs Campaign kicks off with inaugural 2022 Week Webinar

The 2022 National Contact Points (NCPs) are now out of the starting gate following their Info-Day Webinar on Thursday 17 February 2022 that kicked off the NCP campaign – and also launched the 2022 VET Week Webinar series.

Getting the ball rolling, Ana Carrero (Deputy Head of Unit - Vocational Education and Training, DG EMPL, gave an inspiring overview of the 2022 Campaign objectives and the key role NCPS play in helping their local Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisers link and promote their activities and events to the Week.

‘You are an essential part of the Week campaign and we are so grateful to have you on board,’ Ms Carrero told participants, thanking them for supporting local VET organisations and in promoting VET in the context of the Week 2022.

Moderated by William O’Keeffe (DG EMPL), the Webinar’s 35 participants also heard from three NCP representatives – from Finland, France and Portugal – and communication specialists who shared their insights from previous Week campaigns.

Alex Lenoir, European activities coordination officer at the French NCP National Agency (Afpa), gave the attendees talking points and tips for using social media to amplify their messages. He showcased how during the 2020 Week Campaign, more than 101,870 digital interactions took place across social media and urged his fellow NCP cohorts to ‘use every opportunity to remind your network of the European Vocational Skills Week! Start early and don’t hesitate to work closely with the European Vocational Skills Week Team.’

Minna Bálint, counsellor of Education, Vocational Education and Training at Finland’s NCP, the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), and Margarida Segard, director of the ISQ Academy from Portugal expanded on the message of keeping communication channels open and active.

‘Whichever channel you use to engage with your stakeholders, keep in mind that what is crucial is how you engage them outside of the Week,’ Minna Bálint said, adding that ‘constant contact needs to take place throughout the year. Long-term partnerships are essential.’

Beata Pal Christodoulou, project manager coordinating media relations activities for the Campaign from Action Global Communications, offered useful tips for generating media interest in order to promote various activities taking place across Europe. Mariama Idrisu, stakeholder lead for the Campaign at Cecoforma, also shared tips and resources that NCPs can use to promote VET events and activities linked to the Week.

The NCP Webinar was the first in a series of Info-Days planned to help various stakeholders promote their events and activities for the 2022 Week. Stay tuned for future Webinars open to various Week stakeholders.


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