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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement19 November 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Opportunities around us


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Marketing and sales is a movement. Nowadays, there is a lot of information and it is a challenge to bee remembered.

While studying at Jekabpils Agribusiness College, I was given one-time opportunity to gain experience in the Erasmus + mobility. Erasmus + is unique and awesome project which give students' opportunities and the experience that is immeasurable. As part of the Erasmus + project, I went to Barcelona ​​Spain, not only I had the opportunity to travel and get to know another culture, i also gained immeasurable experience in marketing. I worked for one of the best Australian companies, the team was amazing, the way they think about every detail, every marketing activity, how much attention they pay to employee growth and how they sell is indescribable and very successful. That experience i will never forget.

Currently i am studying at Riga Technical University and working for one of Latvia's leading companies, the experience I gained within the project helps me to be noticeable and successful. My journey only has just begun, there are many new adventures ahead whit rich knowledge and experience. Big thanks to my school and Erasmus+ for this opportunity!