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News announcement4 September 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Our Italymobility experience in Pistoia


© 2020, Fabian and Mia

Last year, we had the great opportunity to take part in """" mobility project in Pistoia, Italy.
Fabian and I, Mia, are both from Austria and we chose Italy as it is an amazing country: there are many beautiful places to see and people are nice.

Our work experience was part of a VET project and it was very eyeopening.I have worked in a joiner’s workshop. The people I worked with were extremely friendly and I enjoyed it very much.
Fabian worked in a sheet metal carpentry. My collegues showed me their work, assigned me to interesting tasks that thought me a lot about capentary.

In the beginning of our experience in Italy, we had an Italian course and we learnt some useful words and sentences that we used during our stay. In our free time, we often went out in the city centre of Pistoia.
During the weekends we visited Florence, Pisa, Montecatini and many other places that the IMY team suggested us ( )

We really enjoyed this experience!
See this video about it: