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European Vocational Skills Week
Nyhet30 oktober 2020Generaldirektoratet för sysselsättning, socialpolitik och inkludering

From part time job to school, from school to abroad and to my dream job


© 2020, Alžběta Zemanová

During my first year general upper secondary school I got a part time job at gastronomy field , which began to fulfill me so much, that I interrupted my studies and I pursued my dream job – cook for people who love food as much as I do. After a short study break I decided to go to Gastronomy school. I went on cooking program with focus on business, so I could develop and enrich my knowledge gained within a short practice and finally do what I really enjoy. Soon I found friends who had the same mindset and shared the love for food. I also got opportunities to travel abroad for short internship. For example I went to Italy for a week where I learned how to make pizza and pasta. I also went to Annaberg Germany, where we cooked traditional Czech cuisine for kids from boarding school. School, but mainly internships arranged by school in restaurants gave me a huge amount of experience and contacts, which I use until now. I sucessfully graduated and now I participate on organization of food festivals, work in the kitchen of my favourite café and I began to study management at a university.


Adult learner/employeeApprentice