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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement12 November 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Profession back me up


© 2020, Veera Myllylä

I studied catering at the vocational institute of Brahe and right now I'm on my second year there.
In my last year of primary school I was on-the-job-learning at a hotel restaurant and the job as a waitress seemed actually pretty nice. So when it was time to think of what to do after that school I decided I will head myself to my local vocational school for catering studies.
I have learned much about this job from teachers of our school and internships. I've also gotten really nice friends from here and studies are rolling quite well for me. I'm not sure where I will head to after this school, but either if it was to work-life or more studying I've still got time left to think and its kinda relefing to know that I've got this profession to back me up.


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