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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement13 December 2018Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

A profession with a future

Computer science

If you want to develop your career in the field of economy and computer science, by combining information technology and economy training, be sure that vocational education provides the necessary knowledge and skills based on manual and practical activities.

8th grade students from Petko Rachov Slaveiko professional high school, Yakoruda trained in ‘economy and computer science’.

They prepared a short presentation of the profession. Our students also observed practical training with Mrs. Osman, representative of a local accounting house. There was close cooperation between industries and educational organisations with regard to vocational training. It is essential to ensure that the education offered is relevant to the market demand and job expectations. It will inspire them to develop a passion for their chosen area of study and consider a more hands-on route to a successful career.

Every industry and company today is looking for skilled and efficient employees. Students gain experience in a real working environment during vocational education. In today's fast paced life and competitive world, it is really hard to find a good job.

Aishe Muskova, IT Teacher, Bulgaria