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European Vocational Skills Week
News article20 April 2023Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Webinar on the VET week 2023 and the European Year of Skills

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On 29 March 2023 DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion organized a webinar for VET stakeholders to explain how the European Vocational Skills Week (EVSW) will unfold in the framework of the European Year of Skills (EYS). Over 100 VET stakeholders (labour market actors, public authorities, education and training providers, Directors General for VET and Advisory Committee on Vocational Training) joined the webinar.

The European Year of Skills is coming up and will provide a unique opportunity to push forward a skills revolution in Europe, making the upskilling and reskilling of all working-age adults the norm. In 2023 we will also continue to shine a spotlight on how VET is key for people of all ages to upskill and reskill and to Europe’s efforts to respond to economic, climate and social challenges. For this purpose, the 7th edition of European Vocational Skills Week will be embedded in the European Year of Skills. You can find skills-related activities by checking the interactive map on the main page of the European Year of Skills website. If you are organising events on skills development, you can add them on the interactive ‘Events Map’, through this online form. Events (registered via the online form) can be branded for both the EYS and the EVSW. Some EU level events for the EVSW will be organised in the week of 23 October, in cooperation with the Spanish Presidency.   

During the webinar the following topics were touched upon:

  • context and objectives of European Year of Skills, including some flagship policy initiatives, like the open public consultation on Learning Mobility Framework,
  • this year edition of European Vocational Skills Week, and its website,
  • how VET stakeholders can be involved in the EYS and EVSW,
  • main events during the EYS and EVSW, in particular the Spanish Presidency presented the initial plans for the Conference on 23-24 October.

If you missed our webinar, please check the slides here.

20 APRIL 2023