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European Vocational Skills Week
Anunț12 noiembrie 2020Direcția Generală Ocuparea Forței de Muncă, Afaceri Sociale și Incluziune

Why I chose VET, MBO DANS, The Netherlands?


© 2020, Kim van Weele

I chose VET at MBO DANS because I love to dance and I want to share my passion and creativity with other people.During my education I learn so many different dance styles and I get the opportunity to develop my own identity as a dancer and I just love that!
Not only do i get to develop myself as an allround dancer, I also learn how to teach, how to choreograph and how to organise my own danceprojects. At MBO DANS I discovered so many different aspects of dance and I already got to do so many dance projects and workshops with professionals, that really motivates me to become an allround dance professional!
Our classes are held in a theatre, so we follow our danceclasses on the main stage. That is so exciting!

Being able to dance everyday, to develop my skills and to work with so many different professionals , that is why I chose VET at MBO DANS.