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Eda Webinars: Cdwaste Managevet Info Day

On February 9, 2022 PEDMEDE, along with the support of European Demolition Asssociation (EDA), and PEDMEDE ECO, successfully organized a webinar entitled “Meeting CDW challenges in Greece”. The main objective of the webinar was to raise awareness of key stakeholders on the transition of a circular economy through the effective management of Construction and Demolition Wastes (CDW), as well as to introduce relevant challenges faced in Greece. Within this ground, core topic of the info-day’s agenda was to demonstrate to participants the CDWaste-ManageVET Erasmus+ training program provided through a digital training platform, and invite them to attend the training program in order to be upskilled and reskilled in managing CDW.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 200

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Type of event/activity
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Adult learners, including employees
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Social partner organisation

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Online biss
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Adult learners, including employees
Panhellenic Association Of Engineers Contractors Of Public Works (Pedmede)