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European Vocational Skills Week
Training and workshops

Intellectual property rights – vocational training for European cultural heritage and cultural tourism

Property rights (IPR) in cultural heritage preservation and cultural tourism are still far too little used, yet they can be a successful management tool.

Kultur und Arbeit e.V. and the law firm Tergau & Walkenhorst offer a vocational training session on the management of IPR which are not only important to secure rights to property but can also provide with a so-called “freedom to operate” and even with additional income.

The workshop will first present an introduction to the topic including the possibilities for vocational training and the relevance for the European green transition.

In addition, some exemplary cases will be explained and a vocational training platform will offer participants to try it out.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 60

  • vocational training | vocational education
  • Monday 16 May 2022, 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST)
  • Germany
Type of event/activity
  • Workshop or seminar / online workshop or seminar
Main audience
  • Adult learners, including employees
Type of organisation
  • Civil society organisation
  • Vocational training school/provider

Practical information

Monday 16 May 2022, 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST)
Kultur und Arbeit e.V.