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Kick-Off Naturbuild Project.

Kick-off meeting of the Nature Based Solutions (NaturBuild) project: training on green roofs for urban and building sustainability.

In view of the skills and competences deficit in Nature Based Solutions (NBS), more specifically in green roofs, the NaturBuild project aims to offer training to provide workers with the skills to meet market trends and European targets for green building and sustainability.

The main target audience of this initiative is made up of teachers and training managers, researchers, technicians and building professionals from Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, as well as training centres and companies in the construction sector.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 12


  • vocational education | vocational training
  • Четвъртък 28 Aприл 2022 г., 08:30 ч. - 17:30 ч. (CEST)
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Четвъртък 28 Aприл 2022 г., 08:30 ч. - 17:30 ч. (CEST)
Само в интернет
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Professional organisations or social partners
Fundación Laboral De La Construcción.