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European Vocational Skills Week
Training and workshops

Monetary gain

Our ’Monetary gain’ worksheet applies topics that after being filled in gives an insight of how the applicant is familiar with the world of money.

Using digital applications our school has a good chance to involve in our education as many inquiring students as possible.

We are aware of the fact that choosing a career is never an easy decision; 7Th and 8Th graders face a serious dilemma when they come to choose a trade or profession.

We definitely find it important for our students to choose a vocational training that meets their future plans. Our plan is to help them with this issue with our digital worksheet.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 250

  • vocational training | vocational education
  • Monday 16 May 2022, 08:30 - Friday 20 May 2022, 17:30 (CEST)
  • Hungary
  • Hungary
Type of event/activity
  • Information campaign
Main audience
  • Vocational students, including apprentices
Type of organisation
  • Vocational training school/provider

Practical information

Monday 16 May 2022, 08:30 - Friday 20 May 2022, 17:30 (CEST)
Székesfehérvári Szakképzési Centrum Deák Ferenc Technikum és Szakképző Iskola
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