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European Vocational Skills Week
Ennakkouutinen19. marraskuuta 2020Työllisyys-, sosiaali- ja osallisuusasioiden pääosasto

Aurelija Matonienė Graduate of Kaunas Everyday Services and Business School


© 2020, Aurelija Matonienė

It is not in vain that wise people say that each owl has its own most beautiful owl. As a mother of two sons, I felt the same way: my "owls" really deserved the best of everything. The first sewing article, created 7 years ago, was a carefully thought-out feeding mantle for both of us, making it possible to feel comfortable while traveling and not to confuse those around us. Later, I started making clothes for my husband and sons. I realized that completely unnoticed, this activity of mine turned into a very creative and responsible activity.
In order to achieve greater professional mastery, I decided to improve my skills at Kaunas Everyday Services and Business School, where I met smart and responsible teachers, learned many practical sewing secrets. This is how another "bird" that lived inside me was released - EGGBIRD was born. Now I make embroidery every day, I always sew a seam of love and good emotions into it, a pattern of beautiful thoughts and worries, I stick a label of warmth and happiness.
With love,
Aurelija Matonienė
Graduate of Kaunas Everyday Services and Business School
Winner of the international competition "My Waving Sea 2017"


19. marraskuuta 2020
Työllisyys-, sosiaali- ja osallisuusasioiden pääosasto